Kelly Marie Bond


I'm Kelly Marie Bond; a mum, an attempting to be healthy housewife and a wanna be business woman; a woman just like you trying to fathom out this thing called life in her own little way.

I used surf and snowboard, i was a triathlete and a competitive body builder, a very successful personal trainer, I've battled anorexia, seen a whole lot of stuff i shouldn’t and there was even that time i got married in Vegas...and a divorce....

Think of me as your real ale swigging/wine sipping virtual best mate, the one who's always slightly out of place, the one who gets an adventure out of the everyday, is most likely to swear on the radio and prefers trainers to heels but always has your back.

I started looking for a blog that fit who i am, that touched on every area of life a modern day mum like me could possibly ponder; adventure, travel and the great outdoors, health hacks that fit a family, simple but satisfying food ideas, workalike, relationships and everything in between, and as i couldn’t find one i figured i’d start one….et voila!

I'm going to share honest insights into our family life/chaos, my personal little victories and epic fails, hints and tips on anything and everything, and it's my hope that you'll get involved, that you'll let me know if something resonates with you or sits badly, if something pulls at your heart strings or presses your buttons and that you might even invite your mates along for the tribe factor.

Right then, are you sitting comfortably?....then i will begin.... mums, lets hustle!