Work like a mutha...

Miss me? I bet you totally noticed that i hadn’t been blogging for a while right? thought as much…

See when i decided to start this blog it was just Millie and me killing time before Mr Bond came home and we could do family stuff but then something happened, it got me thinking; if i could do anything what would it be and could i do that and still put my family first?

So i decided to go and set up another little business ( and then had to make it fit our family; which is harder than it sounds.

You know when you see these mumpreneur types that seemingly appear to have created a successful business in the first three weeks of their mat leave and they have the perfect insta worthy home, hair, cat etc and you start getting ever so slightly critical of yourself, DON’T! I’m telling you now they must have a behind the scenes entourage on call to support their game, i’m letting you know from a real mums angle that its bloody hard work to keep little people alive/well/entertained, wife, housekeep, cook and bumble your way through the start of a new business but its so worth it!

I still have the odd passing moment where i’m like ‘WTF am i doing?’, those imposter syndrome filled moments of self doubt, but i’m also getting more self-confident and determined, better at saying no and more proactive when seeking a yes and, i’m not sure if i should really say this out loud but, everything is coming together!!

I have to have a plan so every Sunday i draw up the list of work must do’s and appointments for the week making sure they fit around all of Millies clubs, our meal times etc and write our menu; i don’t think i’ve ever been as organised in my entire life!! but it works, it means our family takes priority but i’m still getting what i need to done, it means i’m building us a life less ordinary and i love it!!

Its very different to going out to work, it can be lonely and confusing but its also really bloody satisfying.

So here i am back in the game, in this space and over there, checking in on you, saying hello and working like a mutha…hustler….

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