We've all gotta start somewhere....

so i may as well start tonight.

I've been lost as to how to kick things off, where to start; I've been procrastinating and putting off and I've had enough of it...this is me making a start.

I like to tell myself that my feelings of being totally lost as too who i am any more are just a normal thing of becoming a mum, it makes me feel better to believe that there are others out there just like me; who used to be super independent and active and strong but who now have a little person to consider 24/7, who for now everything outside of the house becomes something resembling a military manoeuvre of unknown duration; no more just popping to the shop, or for a run, or to SUP my way around the broads; nope, its all changed....

...and thats where me and my little blog come in...this is my outlet and my story...a diary of me becoming me whilst high fiving you...i can't promise a polished delivery of perfect punctuation but i can promise you laughs and adventure, i can promise you raw honesty and (probably) some tears, i can solemley swear to mix in education and training backed facts with my life lessons and pondering's. I should also probably mention that i built this site myself so I'm expecting errors and bits that don't work, if you find any please let me know (in a nice polite manner) and i'll attempt to fix them; all part of the learning process that, failure, i won't drift off on to that one right now but do expect to see it in a future blog post...cos thats what this is; a blog....my blog...yes, you may call me a blogger!! (WTF?!).

So here's to new beginnings, clean slates and remembering that its never too late to try something new, to start over and become you.

Kelly x

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