Finding your happily ever after...

cos you will you know....eventually.

Some women appear to fall into their fairytale, i wasn't one of them, it took me until the age of 36 to be well and truly, undoubtedly, happy.

See when i was younger i tried too much to force what i thought was happiness. All i wanted was to please my parents (which appeared to be a pretty impossible task) and please the people around me so that id 'fit in', but chose totally the wrong people; i was lost, well and truly swimming upstream.

Now i look back i realise that the thing with happiness is that you can't actually force it, you can't find it where it isn't, yes you can make the most of shitty situations, but you can't magic up that bear hug of complete peace; it just is when you are....if that makes any sense at all...

I get asked a lot how come i'm so bloody happy all the time, whats my secret recipe for such an enviable home and family life, and my answer, after explaining that its not all hunky dory one hundred percent of the time, is simply to not accept the bull shit. Change your world to suit you; if someone hurts you choose not to hang around with them, if you hate your job change it, if you want to feel physically stronger or improve your health then do rule your world and therefore you rule your happiness....

All too often these days we find ourselves living by some imaginary rule book, ticking off life milestones because we think we should rather than really wanting to, attempting to keep up with the Jones's when we'd rather not; JUST SAY NO!

Happiness looks different to everyone but everyones version of it is available to them if they are honest with themselves and choose to live it.

Do a little bit of something everyday to make your life a happier space; ditch something you don't like, read a book or a blog, take a walk, have a workout, try a new recipe, plan a trip....however small it can still make a huge impact on your bigger picture; and quit trying to fit in, it doesn't suit you.

Kelly xx

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