You don't need to find your inner self, just un-tame her...

Over the years we all get a bit bogged down, we all become (sometimes too easily) a kinda watered down version of us...and it's about time we weren't.

Life is one mammoth adventure of ups and downs and twists and turns, doubts and concerns; from a super young age i remember feeling a bit lost about me; do i fit in? am i cool enough? am i clever enough? wheres my tribe at?

As i grew up i never really truly felt like i fitted in anywhere. Other girls were into high street fashion or learning to plait their hair, i collected trainers and learnt to snowboard; and not much has changed since, but now i have the beautiful ali of age on my side, experience and the wisdom to give less fucks about the stuff that either, A, doesn't enhance my life or, B, that doesn't bother me, which roughly translated can almost probably be summed up as, other peoples opinions mean shit.

Now please don't take that the wrong way, i do care about people. People with have my attention and well wishes but if they are just passing through, if we just don't have anything in common or if they're a dick then i will happily walk on by, life is so much more enjoyable that way...the problems occur when you stick around...

You find yourself tolerating stuff you shouldn't, you find yourself pretending to like things (or not) just to keep the peace, and before you know it another few years have past and you're even less like you and thats when the hunt for your inner self begins.

Go stare in a mirror, go on, now, really stare....that face looking back at you; that's you, no finding know your headspace, you know your dreams and aspirations, you know your wants and needs, because they are locked away in that reflection; day in, day out, always loitering...all you've got to do is let them out loud.

Stop looking for a secret or a guru and just start living.

It'll be hard at first but, like anything, the more you do it the easier it will become, and by it i mean just being'll wobble and second guess and waiver and be scared, and thats a great thing, thats how you know you're on the right path cos everything worth doing is as scary as hell at first right?!?!

A great place to start with your inner un-taming is to sit down and write a list of things you do want in your life (screw focusing on what you don't want; wheres the fun in that?!?). Question EVERYTHING....your job, your home and how its decorated, your relationship, your clothes and hair....leave no stone unturned....then pick a few of those things to focus on and change...get the ball rolling; baby steps, little tiny adjustments every patient....

You're an ever evolving little being so don't ever expect to be totally done with keeping track of yourself and where you're at but you can be constantly aware; you deserve to live your one amazing life your're allowed break out of your fucking disguise and show the world what ya got...Go un-tame yourself!!

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