You're allowed to choose a different path...

How often have you stuck at something or sat tight in a situation just because you think you should?...because you're concerned at what others might think or say?...because it's where others tell you you should be or they expect you to be?...


One of the awesome things about life is its flexibility; both in what it can throw at us and in what we can choose to do with it.

I have around 20 years experience in health and fitness, in nutrition and exercise, i have near enough every specialist qualification going but that hasn't stopped me from, this week, side stepping and focussing on a slightly different project, coming at things from a slightly different angle; one which i've been procrastinating over for about the last 10 years (if you want to take a look please feel free to check out and right now I'm sat here wondering why the hell i didn't do it sooner.

Yes sometimes the time really isn't right and we need a little patience but instead of coming to a standstill we should really embrace a pause as a chance to plan, to explore our options, to assure ourselves that we can move on and set in stone how we intend to make it happen.

We have no one to answer to but ourselves, no one else owns us or our decisions, yep, let that sink in for a have the power to do, be and achieve anything your heart desires...i'm not saying it'll be easy but i am asking what's really stopping you?

Those that we see achieving great things and living a truly happy life are the ones who have stepped up and are taking control of their world, they've grasped opportunities and been willing to graft when required, they've suffered knock backs but carried on regardless and if they can then you definitely can.

So you want to do more of something then do, you want a new job or career then go get one, you want to travel for a year then best you start finding ways to save; whatever you want is within your reach as soon as you realise it's ok to change, it's ok to throw in the towel but pick another right up; YOU ARE NOT SET IN STONE!!!

Walking away from the comfort of what you know can be scary but what scared me more before embarking on my new adventure was the fear of sitting still, of becoming unhappily stagnant, of seeing myself not excited to wake up everyday, of drifting and, worst of all, maybe installing that sense of 'fixed' in my daughter.

Go give yourself permission to change your path.


Kelly BondComment