How I'm raising a daughter...

winging it.

We chose not to find out the sex of our little bundle before it appeared and, due to my birth circumstances, i don't feel like it sunk in that i had a daughter to raise until around the 48 hour post labour mark...and then it begun...

The what if's, the how to's, the is this going to hurt her (mentally or physically), the 24/7 feeling of guilt and worry and, just over a year on, its changed but not gone away.

I didn't have a particularly awesome upbringing, i didn't have solid role models around, i didn't have anyone to aspire to or learn from; i just became a mum hoping i could create a family unit to move on from all of that, that myself and the amazing Mr Bond could create one, a family, that resembled nothing of my experience.

I'm on a mission to teach her that nature doesn't judge and neither should she, that she's able to become and achieve absolutely anything and that she shouldn't ever feel the need to conform to the imaginary rule book.

She's beautiful but her outer shell doesn't define her, she's clever but there's always more to learn and that 'stuff' never beats moments. Right and wrong is a scale of applause or ignore, mess is encouraged and barefoot is standard.

We've never followed a baby care guide textbook and decided instead to follow our guts; sleep patterns came as they did, weaning just rolled and everything in between just happened; i wanted the freedom to mother but i do appreciate that isn't for everyone.

This post is to reassure any new mums out there that it will all fall in to place, that the best way is the way that fits in with your family; that if i can do this and feel good about it then you certainly can and that you're definitely not alone. So many people contact me for parenting advice its a little overwhelming considering i only have the one who's actually still fairly 'fresh', but all i can ever be is honest about our personal experience and assure the enquirer that there's no size fits all but you will fit yours.

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