The one thing you've got to know if you want to build a side hustle....

So you work full time but you’re not all that happy in your job, it doesn’t pay enough, you’re bored, or maybe you’ve got a hobby that could make you some extra wonga every month. Maybe you’re a mum stuck in a rut; you want to work but can’t find the hours with the pay to make it all worthwhile; whoever you are you’re thinking of going solo and doing something different, theres only one thing i’ve got to say to you…DO IT!!

There really is no time like the present to start your own little thing and it doesn’t have to be big or expensive, you could start it all right now via a social media page; whats actually stopping you?…give a girl a wifi connection and she really can take on the world.

We’re often (well i know i was) led to believe that to start a business you need a huge money pot, a lot of knowhow and to be super tech savvy; now all these things definitely help but, trust me when i say, they aren’t essential. You can learn as you go, you can invest in training and help as you want to but please give up on the antiquated idea that you need to be a pro at everything to get things off of the ground.

That’s it, thats all i wanted to let you know, that if you want to build a side hustle all you’ve got to do is start, you’ve got this, you can make this thing happen, you might not go global overnight but you sure as hell aint going anywhere unless you try.

Kelly BondComment