Why ditching exercise could make you fitter...

Yep, you read that right; i want you to ditch exercise.

I want to get rid of the idea that a membership, mirror filled studios and a collection of lycra fuelled garments is going to get you to your fitness peak, i want you to quit the classes you hate and, instead, all i want you to do is play.

See, as soon as we start to force something upon ourselves, e.g. the exercise class that you hate going to, it becomes a chore, an expense, an inconvenience and a bore, we start to avoid it, make excuses and thus no gains are got, whereas, if we find something thats fun, that we enjoy, that makes us laugh whilst we move about then we stick at it and get results.

Our bodies should move, they were made to, designed to, so please do not take this as me saying it’s time to put your feet up, instead see this as me saying you don’t have to follow the masses to pay masses to be within four walls that you may not favour, you don’t have to run or zumba, you don’t have to spin and you don’t have to like Les mills; just find your way to play.

Aim to introduce a little something in to your everyday; walk more, dance, stretch, flex and lift, (yes gyms are allowed and do have their place, different strokes for different folks and all that), maybe even mix it up a bit, but pretty please do something that entertains your mind and your body, find something you love and do it at an intensity that pushes you but, whatever you do, NEVER CALL IT EXERCISE!!

Kelly BondComment